Ice Fairy Think (氷の妖精 ティンク, Kōri no Yōsei Tinku) is Sherbet's counterpart in Panel de Pon (Nintendo Puzzle Collection). Like Sherbet, her homeworld is the Ice World and only exclusive to the Vs. modes of the game.

GCN Profile

◆Think the Ice Fairy◆

A precocious young girl who loves getting into trouble. She also loves having the spotlight shone on her and tends to act like a brat around the older fairies.

She's best friends with Pure the jewel fairy. The mischief they make together always causes quite a stir among the other fairies.


Think is a young girl with an icey texture on her hair with two buns, cyan shirt, yellow belt, violet shorts, white gloves, and dark blue shoes with green socks.


  • Think is the first and only character out of the female Fairies in the series outside of the characters in the Sea element to wear shorts, but not a skirt or dress.

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