"The main character of the game. Lip is a spirited, cheerful young girl with a strong sense of justice. Because her magic powers are weaker than the other fairies', she can't cast any spells without the help of her magic wand. Even so, Lip is going to do whatever it takes to bring peace back to Popples, so give her a hand!" ― Panel de Pon Official Website[[source]]

Lip (リップ, Rippu) is the main protagonist of the original Panel de Pon game as well as the series as a whole.

SFC Profile

はなのようせい リップ

はなを つかさどる


げんきなようせい リップ

ちょっと おてんばだけど

このゲームの しゅじんこう


-Lip the Flower Fairy-

Lip is a cheerful fairy with a powerful sense of justice who controls flowers.

She's a little tomboyish, but she still needs your help--she's the main character of this game!

Fairy of Flowers - Lip This energetic fairy uses her Flower Rod for good and justice. Although she is a bit of a tomboy, she is the game's heroine, so help her out!

GB Profile

はなのようせい リップ

あかるく げんきな

せいぎかんの つよい

リップは このゲームの



Audio Clips

Panel de Pon (SFC)


Panel de Pon GB 


Panel de Pon DS



Lip is a young girl who wears a pink skirt, yellow shirt with sleeve cuffs, sky blue belt, brown boots, pointy ears with blue earrings and maroon hair color. The hair consists of a swirl on the left side of her face, with a bow on the back of her head to the ponytail, around the end of the trail she has two blue beads on her head. She has flower symbol on her chest, and her boots. Pink bracelets are on the wrist of her hands.


Nintendo screen


Stage Clear


Nice to meet you!

I am Lip, the Fairy of Flowers.

At the beginning of each round,

you'll get hints on how to improve!

Remove all the panels above the Clear Line.

If you can do that, the stage is cleared!

Stay calm, as more haste is less speed!

Vs. Mode


Hello there, I am the Fairy of Flowers, Lip!

This is terrible! Monsters invaded our world.

They've used magic to create

an endless rainfall!

At this rate the water will flood our world!

On top of that they turned all fairies,

my best friends evil!

I have to return this world to be the way it used to be.

I must rescue everyone,

and defeat these wicked monsters!

After Stage 8

E-everyone! It's a good thing we're all safe now!

Let's go and beat those monsters!

Goes to Death Mt.

Her chain voice clip plays and raises her wand.

Walks then she has an explanation mark in her dialogue.

Loses in vs. Mode Death Mt.

How could I lose here!?


She may not appear in all Panel de Pon games, but she has made the most appearances out of any character!

Pokémon de Panepon / Pokémon Puzzle Challenge

Main article: Pokémon de Panepon

Panel De Pon GB Demo

Panel de Pon GB Demo

Lip makes an appearance by entering a specific button combination in the game, this will lead you to the debug mini-game. Unlike the stage removal in other versions of Panel de Pon DS, this is accessible legitimately without a cheating device in Pokémon Puzzle Challenge versions of the game. This was discovered 13 years after the game's original release. Which also marks her first international appearance in the Panel de Pon series.

Panel de Pon DS / Chotto Panel de Pon

Main article: Panel de Pon DS / Chotto Panel de Pon


Lip's stage in Panel de Pon DS

Lip makes a Japan-only cameo in Panel de Pon DS / Chotto Panel de Pon. The international Puzzle League releases of this game removed legitimate access to this stage. You can only use a cheating device to access the stage in those versions of the game.


Lip has been referenced several times outside of the Panel de Pon Series.

Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

As this is Intelligent Systems next game released after Panel de Pon, Lip's name is used for Chapters 3 and 5 in the Arena portion of the game. Because the fan translators didn't know Lip, they translated her name as Ripp, Lipton or simply Rip. The purple colors of the guard is similar to Lip's pink color scheme, as well as the bow which likely references the harp instruments used in the title screen opening or freeing one of the fairies in Vs. mode.



Lip in Satella-Q

Lip made a brief appearance in Satella-Q (サテラQ Satera Q) alongside other Mario characters . The flower theming was for the 1998 Spring broadcast.

Paper Mario

MinhT PM

In Paper Mario, Minh T. uses the same name as Lip in the Japanese version of the game. Likely a reference as both characters are associated with flowers. She even shares the same hair color, which also includes the clothing.

Super Smash Bros. Series

Main article: Super Smash Bros. Series

Initially, she didn't appear in the series, her wand makes an appearance as an item called the Lip's Stick. It started appearing since Melee, the item gives a flower effect upon contact. The item also has a trophy. Her remixed Brawl theme is in the Pictochat stage in Brawl and in the Wrecking Crew stage in Wii U, Furil was mistakenly named Lip in non-Japanese versions of Brawl. In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, she finally makes an appearance in the game's Spirits mode along with being an outfit for the Mii Swordfighter. She is a support Spirit in this game.

Captain Rainbow

Lip makes an appearance in Captain Rainbow.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome Amiibo

Main article: Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome Amiibo

Lip's outfit can be unlocked by playing the Panepon ( Puzzle League) game via mini game. Each of her items are named as Flower Fairy. Her wand also makes an appearance without her similar to the Super Smash Bros. Series. The items consist of a wig, dress, boots, and wand.

Lip's Theme

Her theme is the most recurring song in the series. Her theme is even in games where the fairies are not in the game or has limited availability. Only Furil has shared her, theme.

Panel de Pon (SFC)

  • Lip's Stage
  • One of the Gameover themes.

Yoshi no Panepon (16-bit)

  • Tutorial theme

Pokémon de Panepon

  • Debug mini-game - Lip's Stage

Panel de Pon GB

  • Lip's Stage
  • One of the Gameover themes

Nintendo Puzzle Collection

  • Furil's Theme/Stage (Panel de Pon (GCN))
  • Nintendo Puzzle Collection Credits Roll theme

Panel de Pon (GBA Multiboot)

  • Pupuri's stage

Dr. Mario & Panel de Pon

  • BGM 1
  • BGM 2
  • Credits theme (Part of the song is her theme)

Panel de Pon DS / Chotto Panel de Pon

  • Lip's Stage

Super Smash Bros. Series

  • Lip's Theme (Panel de Pon)
    • In Brawl's Pictochat Stage
    • In Wii U's Wrecking Crew Stage


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