Dr. Mario & Panel de Pon, known as Dr. Mario & Puzzle League outside of Japan is the 2nd compilation in the Panel de Pon series, the first one was in the Nintendo Puzzle Collection. This game uses the engine in the Multiboot rom of Panel de Pon seen in Nintendo Puzzle Collection, but with added features such as Vs. mode, Stage Clear, & Puzzle Mode.

This is the first game to introduce the character-less marketed rebranding of the series, which would follow into the release of Panel de Pon DS, further diverting its identity away from previous games.


Background Image Note
00 GBABackground00 Default background, simply a background of the titular Panels. Its also used as the box art for the international release and the one used for the game select screen.
01 GBABackground01 Based off Lip's outfit, including her color palette
02 GBABackground02 Based off the wind element in Panel de Pon (SFC), the clouds somewhat resembles Windy's hair.
03 GBABackground03 Based off Sherbet's color palette.
04 GBABackground04 Based off Thiana's color palette.
05 GBABackground05 Only appears in Japanese Version, which shifts any background number after this in other versions of the game. The text says "PANEL DE PON" in caps.
06 GBABackground06
07 GBABackground07
08 GBABackground08
09 GBABackground09 This background is a "Centered square lattice form"
10 GBABackground10 Camouflage, likely a nod to Intelligent Systems other franchise, Advance Wars / Nintendo Wars.
11 GBABackground11
12 GBABackground12
13 GBABackground13
14 GBABackground14
15 BGpupuri Pupuri, from the GBA Multiboot version of the game.
16 GBABackground16 Based off Cordelia's profile background from Panel de Pon (Nintendo Puzzle Collection).
17 GBABackground17 Stars from the first Panel de Pon game.

Content from previous Panel de Pon games

  • Pupuri is the only the character in the Panel de Pon Series to appear in this game.
    • In order for Pupuri to appear in this game, you would have to go to the options menu and set the settings to Image 4; Pupuri lacks a voice in this version of the game. Backround 14 (15 Japanese version) is a Background of Pupuri, the one from the Multiboot rom.
  • Background 16 is the Stars Background seen in the menu from the first Panel de Pon game.
  • Some tracks consist of songs from previous games.
    • BGM 1 - Lip's Theme Arranged
    • BGM 2 - Lip's Theme
    • BGM 3 - Flare's Theme
    • BGM 4 - Thiana's Theme
    • Staff Roll - Part of the song is Lip's Theme and the Vs. mode credits theme.


  • This marks the 2nd time where Panel de Pon was compiled with Dr. Mario.

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