Godess Cordelia (女神 コーデリア, Megami Kōderia) s the 12th and final stage in the original Panel de Pon and Panel de Pon GB, she reappears in the Nintendo Puzzle Collection release of Panel de Pon as the 13th stage.

SFC Profile

Goddess Cordelia

Not even Thanatos can compare to her power. An enemy who takes pride in her great strength! But she also hides a great secret!

GCN Profile

◆Cordelia, the Goddess◆

The ultimate foe, she controls light. Not one person can match her in combat.

But she's got a major secret...

Audio Clips

Panel de Pon (SFC)


Panel de Pon GB


Ending (Panel de Pon (Spoilers))

After Cordelia is defeated in the original Panel de Pon, she is revealed to be Lip's mother. It was a test to see if the fairies and Lip were ready to rule Popples.


Cordelia and Thanatos are the only characters to appear in all Panel de Pon games that primarily feature the fairies.

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